The rules are pretty simple. You’re going to fill out the form and submit AN ORIGINAL TShirt design idea. If you win and you are selected you’ll get:

  • Your design printed on a tshirt and it will be sent to you
  • Your tshirt will be up for sale on the BDR website for 1 year and (if you want) your social media accounts can be posted on the product page
  • 15% of all sales from your original tshirt design for the whole year it’s up on the website
  • A surprise gift from PrimeLine Tools

**We will be checking around interweb to ensure that your idea is a one of a kind. If it is copied from anywhere, it will automatically be disqualified from the contest. So don’t waste our time…**

GOOD LUCK! We can’t wait to see the creative depravity you fucks can muster up

TShirt Design Form

    When Does This Contest End?

    The contest will end December 31, 2021 at 11:59pm EST (23:59EST). 

    How Many Winners Will There Be?

    As many winners as we want. If, for some reason, a bunch of people drop a bunch of pearls and we just can’t decide….then all will win. If you all fucking suck and not one of you can group together enough creative brain cells to make something creative or hilarious enough to go on the site….then none of you will win. 

    Are You Just Like...Gonna Steal Our Ideas And Use Them As Your Own?

    No…that would be stupid and exhausting. Do you think we want to waste our time arguing with you on social media over a tshirt idea? We don’t…we…just…don’t….

    When Will The Winner(s) Be Annouced?

    Winning tshirt design ideas will be posted and announced as soon as they are chosen. Since we will be allowing multiple winners, if one idea is submitted today – it’ll be announced and posted for sale. Then, a month later, if another comes in…same dance…announced; posted. 

    This won’t be a difficult thing to follow…

    Can I Submit Multiple Ideas?

    Sure. Knock your socks off. 

    Can I Share An Idea With Somebody Else And Both Of Us Win?

    Please don’t make this harder than it has to be…

    I See On The Form I Can Write Out My Shirt Idea...What If I Have A Drawing? How Do I Submit That?

    If you have a drawing accompanying an idea, please do the following:

    2. EMAIL TO SUBMIT YOUR DRAWING/VISUAL IDEA (if I get ONE dick pic, I am sending it to your mother via FB Messenger)