Become An Affiliate For Best Damn Roofer

If you don’t care about disappointing your parents but you do care about looking like a homeless, dirty roofer and want to share BDR clothing with the world…then becoming a Roofie might be for you.

What Do Roofie’s Get For Being An Affiliate?

  • For starters, you get to throw out that last little bit of pride you were clinging to…guess 2020 ain’t your year….or decade….so you might as well sell BDR gear to support the 718 kids him and his wife have.
  • After you apply (and no, we don’t just take in any ol’ dirty roofer…you must be approved) you will receive a custom coupon that you can share with your followers on social media. Your coupon code will be for 10% off an entire purchase and only expires if your affiliate position is terminated. Being a roofer, you should be used to the word “termination” by now.
  • You get anywhere from 10%-20% in commission from every single purchase that your affiliate link brings in. Your commission rates depend on a number of factors such as number of followers, how many social media platforms you are active on, how many times you post and tag and spread the good word of Best Damn Roofer on the interweb….just like how the girl on Pornhub spread her ass cheeks so you could have a moment of self gratification.
Apply To Become A Roofie
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Benefits Of Being A Roofie

  • Get 1 FREE item from Best Damn Roofer website every six month with a personal coupon code
  • Get 20% off every single order for yourself for as long as you’re a ROOFIE (Example: YOURNAME20)
  • Give your followers a 10% off coupon for all of their purchases with a custom coupon code (Example: YOURNAME10)
  • Disappoint your parents and piss off your wife
  • If your affiliate link brings in 25 or more purchases in 6 months or less, you will get a free hoodie, tshirt or tank top!
  • Get first glimpse of new items we put up on the site.
  • Win BDR gear by participating in contests that are for our affiliates only. 

FAQS About Affiliate Program

How Do I Make Money From Being A Roofie?

Once you’ve been approved as an affiliate, you will receive a link that you can place on your social media, embed in emails, place on your website or anywhere else that links are accepted. Your followers will then click on your custom link that will take them to Best Damn Roofer website. Any and all purchases made through your link are tracked and you will get a 10-20% commission for every order placed. The order MUST come from YOUR link in order for your commission to be valid. We do NOT retroactively apply commissions from purchases made that do not come from your link. 

How Do I Get Paid?

After a purchase is made through your affiliate link, it is tracked via our online system. Your commissions will be paid out via PayPal. You MUST have a PayPal account in order to receive your commission payments. You MUST have a minimum owing of $20 in order to get a pay out from Best Damn Roofer. Payments are sent out on the 1st of every month. 

How Often Do I Need To Post?

Our affiliates must post once a week to maintain their Roofie status. You MUST be wearing your Best Damn Roofer gear in at least 2 of those posts. In ALL 4 mandatory posts, you MUST tag @best.damn.roofer and hashtag #biggtime and #roofie. 

Do I Get Free Shit And How Do The Coupon Codes Work?

Once you have been approved to be a Roofie, you will receive a ONE time use coupon to purchase an item from our website. (Example: YOURNAMEAFFILIATE100 would be your personal coupon code for your 1 free item, once every 6 months) You will also have a personal coupon code that will give you 20% off every single order for yourself. (Example: YOURNAMEAFFILIATE20 would be your personal coupon code for 20% every single order) This purchase must be for yourself, mailed to your address we have on file and in the sizes we have for you on file. We will also give you a coupon code for your followers for 10% all of their purchases. (Example: YOURNAME10 would be the coupon code that you give to your followers, and that you would include with your 4 mandatory monthly posts for the Roofie program)

What Happens If An Order Is Cancelled?

In order for you to receive your commission, all orders for the previous month must be completed and delivered. If an order is cancelled or refunded you do not receive commission. 


You cannot access the app till you log in to and follow the instructions given.