Lampoons Roofers Vacation

Josh wrecks the only family vacation that the Biggers’ have gone on in years.

Pissed Drunk Roofer

Tiki and the kids get their revenge on the Best Damn Roofer.

Roofer Gone Rogue in Las Vegas

BDR is repenting for his wrong doings in Sin City. Will he make it home?

Music Videos

Roofing is Fun

Best Damn Roofers’ newest single “Roofing is Fun” can be downloaded on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify

Win The Storm

BDR writes a catchy jingle for the annual Win The Storm Conference and Award Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hella Roofer

Hella Roofer. I’m deeply moved. Could need a poop though.

Vlogs from the BDR

Words of Wisdom from the Throne

Josh reminisces about his favourite childhood show and the tips and tricks he learned from it.

Best Damn Roofer wins an award

Believe it or not, somebody gave this piece of shit an award. He had to check his ego as over sized luggage at the airport.

Join BDR at the DUMP

Best Damn Roofer seriously cares about the planet. Stop polluting it you pieces of shit. Get a metal roof. Did that just sell you on one? No? Fine, whatever….